Rob Housler

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Rob Housler is one of the more solid additions you can make to your lineup this week if you’re desperate for a tight end.


It’s 2 a.m. There’s a bag of sour cream and cheddar chips nestled against your laptop screen. The bag is gaping open, so much so that you can see the hallowed out black tunnel at the very end. A can of half empty Arnold Palmer stars blankly into your face adjacent to the bag. It’s a can that’s been out a little too long, so long it’s acclimated to room temperature.

There’s always that dilemma when it comes to what to do with the Arnold Palmer when it’s lukewarm and half full. Should you throw it out? Even if you put it in the fridge, you’re just going to drink the other unopened, full Arnold Palmer’s anyway. After all, you can’t resist the crackling sound of a freshly popped open can.

But that can’t be the right thing to do. There’s still some liquid left after all, and what happens when all the other cans are consumed and you’re too lazy to go out and buy another case. You’re gonna wish you still had that reserve can  still 1/4 full on your desk.

This is the kind of thing that happens when it’s really late on a Saturday night and you’re still adjusting your lineup. Your lineup may as well be a bunch of Arnold Palmer cans. Some have a lot left in the tank and you plan on sticking with them until the bitter end, and others are all but finished and you’re on the brink of tossing them out before you open some new ones.

If you got a few cans you’re ready to toss out in your lineup, here’s a few guys who could be refreshing in Week 12.

Rob Housler, TE Arizona Cardinals (owned in %15 of Yahoo! Leagues)

Matchup this week: Indianapolis Colts (ranked 16th in passing yards per game)

Housler is coming off a six catch, 70 yard performance and has caught 10 passes for 127 yards and a touchdown in his last two outings. He’s recorded a catch in all but one of his starts this season and his nine targets last week were a season high. The Cardinals offense is humming right now, thanks largely to Carson Palmer effectively nursing his turnover problem and the emergence of Michael Floyd in the receiving game. Andre Ellington is also adding a good contribution to the run game. Overall, this is a team currently at its apex for the 2013 season. Keep riding their wave until it crests.

Stay away from

Fred Davis, TE Washington Redskins (owned in hopefully not your roster)

Matchup this week: San Francisco 49ers (ranked 10th in passing yards per game)

Davis will start in place of the injured Jordan Reed this week, and that’s where the benefits to plugging him into your lineup end. Back in September when he was healthy, Davis was practically nonexistent, catching just three passes for 25 yards and no touchdowns. The Redskins are reeling and the 49ers have a lot to play for as they try and maintain their wildcard pace. Avoid him at all costs.





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