Scott Sergent and I recount our favorite fantasy football moments, our most disappointing ones, and our favorite football movie characters. All that, plus superstitions, bobby bare music and girls with English accents. Click the links below to stream directly. Written Q&A is below.

Scott Sergent 6-13-15

Scott Sergent 6-13-13 part 2

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A Kate Beckinsale look-a-like won the heart of Sergent shortly after telling him a little known fact about his beloved Tennessee Volunteers.


Questions from Scott Sergent (6-15-13)

  1. Who was the best Fantasy Football player you ever had on your team or had in your league?

A: We’ve all had a lot of good fantasy players, and I guess it depends on what you’re definition of best is. I think the best guy for me was the guy I drafted the latest but scored me the 2nd most points for that season. That guy is 2007 Braylon Edwards. The first time I ever won the championship (also, nobody cares about fantasy stories) but Braylon was my No. 3 receiver, who I drafted in the second-to-last round… and he went nuts. Had 80 receptions on 154 targets for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns, which was second in the league behind Randy’s Mosses record-breaking 23 touchdowns. Averaged 14 fantasy points per game, third behind Terrell Owens and Moss. And he never sniffed those numbers again. In 2008, he had just 3 touchdowns, the closest he’s come to double-digit touchdowns is 7 in 2010 with the Jets. So I guess I have a soft spot for guys who have their one great season when I get lucky enough to have them on my team. But he’s been the top one so far since I got such good value from him, and he was apart of my first (remember, nobody cares) championship team.

2. What was your best/favorite Fantasy moment for your team?

A: 2011, my second title run (nobody cares) first round of the playoffs. Down to four teams. Down by about 85 points, seemed like all my 1 p.m. game guys played terrible. (hope the guy I beat isn’t listening right now I know he follows the site a little bit and we’ll probably smash my head with a Chip Kelly poster) Anyway, with three guys left to play. This is week 15 of 2011 I believe. And I feel like I am done for, I have Reggie Bush, Matthew Stafford, and Ryan Mathews going at 4 p.m.. I am watching the red zone channel. I am about to flip the channel angrily, toss my remote at the wall, but I read the last scroll….and it reads…Reggie Bush 74 yard touchdown. Boom. 15 point boost with the 100-yard bonus. That gave me hope. Then Stafford goes off for a huge 49 point game, 391 yards 4 touchdowns, zero INTs. That gave me the lead, and Ryan Mathews finishes it off with 90 yards and two touchdowns. And I won 142-125. That to me (in my deluded mind) — was similar to when the Boston Red Sox came back in 2004 in the ALCS down 3-0 to win 4-3. I knew once I had that game won, I’d cruise in the championship, and that I did.

3. What was your worst moment and why?

A: Similar to my best moment, but in the opposite direction. 2008, first round of the playoffs. I am only down 21 points, and I have two wide receivers (Desean Jackson (his rookie year)) and Braylon Edwards on the Cleveland Browns (liked him so much in 2007 remember, I had to take him in 2008). And Eagles kicker David Akers. The two teams (Phialdelphia and Cleveland) play each other on Monday night, so all the Sunday games are over. I am down 21. I need each of these guys to basically have an average game and I’ll cruise to the title game. Edwards plays well, gets 102 yards so there’s 10 points there. David Akers gets a couple field goals, scores like 8 points. DeSean Jackson has 5 catches for 77 yards in that game (this is non ppr) so just 7 points there, but he throws an interception on a wacky 2 point conversation attempt. How often does a receiver throw an interception. That docks him -2 so he gets just 5. Which gives me 20 total between the two guys. So that interception, gives me a one point loss instead of a one point win.

4. Favorite movie football player? (i.e. – Paul Crew from The Longest Yard, Shane Falco from The Replacements etc.

A: This is a great question and I actually wrote a 3-paragraph answer to this with Billy Hoyle from White men can’t jump (one of my favorite sports movies of all time) before I realized this was a football question. And one of my favorite football movies growing up was Any Given Sunday. Though the movie’s not perfect (Cameron Diaz is grossly miscast as the team’s crazy owner) and the movie lulls and runs far too long in some spots. I thought Wille Beaman was a fantastic character. He personified the new breed of super athletic quarterbacks like Michael Vick before they even came into the NFL. He starts out as a scared shitless third-stringer who’s thrust into the game after the first two quarterbacks go down (he throws up constantly, which is a sign he’s going to have a good game). Then he starts having success  and gets cocky, selfish, before maturing after he learning from a veteran qb cap rooney that success isn’t forever and you need to cherish the moments of your prime. I think every NFL player can take something away from that.  And I think we should top this list for the next podcast and do a fantasy league roster next time.

A: It’s a great question. I was tempted to take a good character from a really bad sports movie, and there’s a lot of those out there. Movies like Eddie, where whoopi golberg coaches the Knicks, and the garbage man field goal kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles kicker. Or MVP (most valuable primate) about the monkey who plays hockey. But one of my favorite sports movies of all time, is White Men Can’t Jump, and there’s nobody I identify with more growing up in the 90s and 2000s than Billy Hoyle. The better half of my teenage years was spent trying to dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim. And for some reason, like Hoyle, I always thought I could do it. If I just had enough Adreneline going combined with perfect footwork.

5. Favorite Fantasy Football superstitions as owners (Do you rub a chicken bone cross on your computer when picking out your lineup or kiss your Calvin Johnson bobblehead doll before a game etc.)

A: Not a superstitious person, mostly because that’s a lot of work and I am too lazy. So what’s your answer for that one.

6. Kate Beckinsale or Brooklyn Decker

A: Oh man this is too good a question. But the answer is quite simple. Kate Beckinsale. You can’t beat the British accent.


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