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We are always looking to hire talented writers with a passion for delivering quality fantasy football content via articles, podcasts, and video. Here are a couple of skills you'll need to have or be willing to work to acquire if you plan on joining us.

Skill No. 1: A passion for fantasy football that goes beyond just watching the games. You must understand how to see the game from a fantasy perspective and present that information in a way that helps people manage their fantasy team.

Skill No. 2: A thirst for sitting down in front of a laptop and soaking up as much fantasy football information as possible via other prominent sports websites and blogs. Since injuries and roster moves always happen on a near constant basis, It doesn't hurt if you visit these blogs on a daily basis.

Skill No. 3: The ability to take that information you just soaked up, in addition to your own knowledge and personality, and write entertaining fantasy football related articles that both inform and amuse. This is where your passion for writing takes full hold. If you just love fantasy football but don't possess a love for crafting beautiful sentences that evoke passion and knowledge into the reader's brain, this is not a job for you.

Programs you'll need to be familiar with: Microsoft office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), and Skype (for podcasts). You also must have a reliable internet service so our editors can contact you when needed.

Did any of this scare you or bore you? If it didn't, please submit your resume along with at least one fantasy football writing sample to owner George Banko at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We believe Fantasy Football success comes down to two things — opportunity and talent. You will have Fantasy Football mastered once you understand how good a player is and how good of an opportunity he has to gain yards and score touchdowns. The thing is, you'll never master Fantasy Football. But you can get pretty darn good at it when you have even a slightly better understanding of opportunity and talent than the average Joe. That's what Fantasy Football Helpers is dedicated to doing.

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