Another year, another fantasy auction draft has gone by. As I write this, it’s 3:30 in the a.m., my eyes feel like two deflated air bags, thoughts aren’t speeding through the head at a real rapid rate, but I can’t help but resist giving up draft grades to my fellow knuckleheads drafters in our annual auction league draft. Also, I am posting a video of our live draft. The bad jokes on it won’t cost you anything.

To be clear, this is our annual ‘Fantasyknuckleheads’ Auction draft, where a group of fantasy bloggers who have been in this business way longer than me get together and voice their opinions on who will pop or falter this season. To clarify some of our main rules, it’s points per reception (PPR), six point touchdowns. So our drafting may be a little skewed from the norm (ex: Reggie Bush goes for $39 in our league because of PPR).

I’ll analyze each team and give owners props on what they did right and where their holes are. Each team is given $200 to start, and the numbers to the right represent the amount paid for each player. Comment back if you agree or disagree with my assessment.

Part I of this article features the first 5 teams in our league, with the other 4 to be graded in part II. I’ll skip my own since it’s awesome.

Team Kurt
QB Aaron Rodgers 40
RB Lamar Miller 19
RB Maurice Jones-Drew 22
WR Danny Amendola 23
WR Roddy White 21
TE Jimmy Graham 32
FLEX Antonio Brown 10
D/ST Bears D/ST 1
K Randy Bullock 1
BE Shane Vereen 8
BE DeSean Jackson 16
BE Ben Tate 4
BE Ravens D/ST 1
Total: 198
Remaining: 2

Strongest position: Obviously quarterback and tight end. Rodgers provides the best value of any quarterback due largely to his yardage, touchdowns, and low interception rate. His touchdown-to-interception ratio the last two seasons is an insane 84:14. He’ll run in a few touchdowns in addition to garnering 200-300 rushing yards. Jimmy Graham is on a plateau of his own at tight end, and should benefit greatly from the reinstatement of Saints coach Sean Payton.

Best value pick: Roddy White for $21 in a PPR league is a great buy. White is one of the most consistent wide receivers in the league. His route running and handle on the offense is second to no other Falcons receiver. He’s getting up there in age, however, and has an even greater talent in Julio Jones ready to step in and be the more dominant receiver if he starts to flinch. But I don’t see Jones ready to overtake White in targets just yet though.

Best backup: Solid bench overall with DeSean Jackson, who has more upside than last year in a revamped offense. Might want to consider starting Ben Tate in week 1 if reports that Arian Foster will be eased into the offense continue to trickle out of Houston.

Biggest question mark: Running backs. Lamar Miller has been great in preseason, averaging 4.24 yards per carry but he’s still unproven. MJD has shown he still has something left in the tank, but he’s high risk due to mileage and injury history.

Overall: B+ Solid

Predicted finish: 5 out of 10, slightly weak RBs will keep Kurt just outside the playoffs.
From Lebanon with Love
QB Colin Kaepernick 20
RB LeSean McCoy 47
RB Matt Forte 55
WR Dez Bryant 40
WR Demaryius Thomas 28
TE Brandon Myers 1
FLEX Mark Ingram 2
D/ST Cowboys D/ST 1
K Caleb Sturgis 1
BE Anquan Boldin 2
BE Michael Vick 1
BE Chris Givens 1
BE Kenbrell Thompkins 1
Total: 200
Remaining: 0

Strongest position: His top two RBs are great. LeSean McCoy and Matt Forte are solid PPR options, and Forte appears slated for more goal line touches this season. But I like his receivers even more. Dez Bryant is primed for a monstrous 2013 after he finally developed chemistry with Tony Romo in his third season. Demaryius Thomas is a boarderline Top 5 receiver due in large part to his role as a playmaker with an all-time great in Peyton Manning throwing to him. Wes Welker’s arrival may nip at his targets, but his receiving yardage total and receptions shouldn’t be affected because of his explosiveness.

Best value pick: Brandon Myers for $1 is fantastic. The Giants have routinely gotten good production out of their tight ends and Myers is a born receiver. He wasn’t utilized much in the preseason and needs to do the dirty work in the trenches better to earn Tom Coughlin’s respect, but he was the sixth most targeted tight end last season with Oakland and also caught the highest percentage of passes thrown his way among tight ends with at least 50 targets.

Best backup: Michael Vick has the highest ceiling of any quarterback. Chip Kelly’s offense has seemed to rejuvenate the veteran QB as evidenced by Vick’s 456 total yards and two touchdowns in just four preseason quarters this summer. His turnover rate last season was atrocious for a guy who’s been in the league for 12 seasons and he’ll find himself on the bench once again if he can’t take care of the ball. But we’ve turnover rates can fluctuate from year to year, and Vick can’t possibly be as bad as he was in 2012. An offensive line that is finally healthy ups his value a bit as well.

Biggest question mark: Flex spot is weak. Mark Ingram has looked like a bust since the Saints drafted him in 2009 and his 3.9 yards per carry average isn’t going to cut it in a 10-team league. QB Colin Kaepernick has tremendous talent, but has little to throw to with Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham sidelined with injuries for a good portion of the season.

Overall: B Solid

Predicted finish: 7 out of 10, receivers will keep him in games, but with a weak flex guy and nobody on the bench, he will have to be diligent on the waiver wire when his players are on their bye weeks or else see a series of losses.

Woland’s Minions
QB Ben Roethlisberger 1
RB Arian Foster 40
RB Darren Sproles 29
WR Pierre Garcon 8
WR Steve Johnson 5
TE Rob Gronkowski 10
FLEX C.J. Spiller 45
D/ST Buccaneers D/ST 1
K Steven Hauschka 1
BE Trent Richardson 31
BE Ryan Mathews 15
BE Torrey Smith 5
BE Owen Daniels 2
Total: 193
Remaining: 7

Strongest position: This guy will be the one everyone goes to when his or her running backs get hurt. With the most depth of anybody at the RB position, Woland shelled out $160 of his $200 on that position alone, a truly bold move. He stopped at Walmart on the way home and got roll-em-back prices on his receivers and quarterback. But with the kind talent he has at RB, he can definitely make a trade if he doesn’t feel good about his bargain bin guys.

Best value pick: With Rob Gronkowski looking more and more like he’ll be back in time for Week 2, $10 is a great deal for one of the league’s top tight ends. And if he in fact does play in Week 2, he’ll be able to get into the swing of things and provide great production as the season goes along.

Best backup: I’ll just assume he’ll start Trent Richardson over Darren Sproles and vote Sproles as his best backup. He’s still a fixture at receiver in the Saints offense and averaged 5.3 catches per game last year, roughly a touchdown’s worth of points in PPR leagues. When your backup RB is one of the best receiving running backs in the league, you’re in solid shape.

Biggest question mark: Wide Receiver and quarterback. Got pretty good deals with his starters, spending just $13 on Steve Johnson and Pierre Garcon, but both come with some risk. Garcon has told reporters he still isn’t 100 percent after tearing ligaments in his right foot. That said, Garcon is a great value since he and Robert Griffin III looked great at times last season when they weren’t being hurt.

Johnson will provide yardage in the Bills offense as the slot guy, but lack of playmakers at the QB position with Jeff Tuel and rookie EJ Manuel still getting their sea legs, it’s hard to see Johnson finding the end zone more than six times this season.

Roethlisberger will face a ton of pressure this season with a weak offensive line and a suspect backfield. But quarterback isn’t a tough position to fill in our 10-team league that features a small bench. He should have no problem finding a reliable replacement and he can always trade one of his many RBs for a receiver.

Overall: B+ Great RBs, just needs to find some better receivers.

Predicted finish: 3 out of 10

Asheville HattyWaiverWire
QB Andrew Luck 9
RB David Wilson 35
RB Alfred Morris 47
WR Vincent Jackson 20
WR Andre Johnson 17
TE Greg Olsen 5
FLEX Frank Gore 16
D/ST Bengals D/ST 4
K Matt Bryant 7
BE Reggie Wayne 17
BE Daryl Richardson 8
BE Hakeem Nicks 6
BE DeAngelo Williams 8
Total: 199
Remaining: 1

Strongest position: Has a fantastic trio of running backs that he managed to only spend $98 on. Though they aren’t the sexiest guys of the bunch, he has the second-leading rusher from last season (Alfred Morris), a potential playmaker who can rip off 60-70 yard touchdowns (David Wilson) and a slightly old but still potent battering ram that runs behind the best offensive line in the league (Frank Gore).

Best value pick: Love Andre Johnson at just $17. Though he’s 32 years old, he showed what he could do in a full season last year and has the upside of a No. 1 receiver in an offensive that averaged a league-leading 300 passing yards per game last season.

Best backup: Reggie Wayne is solid and tough to count out after he seamlessly racks up the catches and targets like age is just a number. He’ll be a good flex option for Hatty to use when his starters are on a bye or face a tough defense.

Biggest question mark: There’s not a lot to dislike on this team since even his bench is scary. But his biggest problem may in fact be his biggest strength. Indulge my nitpicking for a second here. He doesn’t have a top 5 running back, which means if his opponent has an Adrian Peterson or a Marshawn Lynch and they go off, Hatty likely won’t have the firepower to trump him. Morris is still young and hasn’t developed into an every down back plus he has issues catching the ball. Gore has hit the age of 30 and though his line is great, will see a few less carries than he did last year. Wilson is an explosive talent but struggled to stay consistent last season and may not be ready to make the leap into the league’s elites just yet. Hatty will be one of the most consistent scorers because of his all-around team, but it’ll be interesting to see if his RBs cost him a win because they aren’t superstars. I’m probably splitting hairs.

Overall: A

Predicted finish: 1 out of 10.

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