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Editor's note: This is a quick post on Penn State running back Miles Sanders. Sanders is coming out for the 2019 NFL Draft this season, so we though it'd be a good idea to discuss what can do if you draft to him to your fantasy team. Whether that be in Dynasty or redraft or any kind of MFL10. It's all on the table. 

So in the limited film i watched, one thing that jumped out to be was Sanders' agility. You'll see in this clip that he has the ability to cut across a defenders body in the open field. So he can definitely be a back that can make defenders miss at NFL level.

At 5'10, 211 lbs, he's a bit undersized but has the pad level to push defenders back. While he's not a force of nature when he makes contact, he still has some good power and would be a solid goal line option if he gets his number called on.

He's not an explosive back, so don't expect him to rattle off 150 yard games at the NFL level. He's more of a skilled player.

He has good hands, so he can catch the ball and be a potential PPR threat. However, he's not overly explosive which means linebackers will be able to keep up with him on wheel routes. It's tough to see him making a lot of big plays down the field on pass routes because of this.

His game was kind of overshadowed at Penn State since he played behind Saquon Barkely for two seasons. He only had 276 carries in his three seasons, but that shows he's fresh and doesn't have a lot of mileage on him.

While he had a 4.49 40 at the combine, his film doesn't show him as a homerun threat guy. This doesn't mean he can't run like mad at the NFL level. This is just what he looked like on the two pieces of film I watched on him (Kentucky, Wisconsin).

Where he fits on an NFL team plus his fantasy value

Miles Sanders looks like someone who can assume a backup role immediately. He also has the potential to be a three-down back at the NFL level due to his play strength, elusiveness and instincts at the position. He would be a good complementary guy to a team with a straight line, downhill running back. An example of this would be the Jacksonville Jaguars, who use Fournette as their power guy.

One of the best fantasy fits would be the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are looking to move after Le'Veon Bell went to the New York Jets in free agency.

Sanders won't wow you too much on film in terms of explosiveness. But he has a lot of skills going for him. I remember watching Alvin Kamara on film and saying 'what's the big deal with this guy?' and he turned out to be tremendously effective as a receiver and every-down back with the New Orleans Saints.

Not comping Sanders to Kamara at all. I don't think the two are similar in that way. Just saying that crazy college highlights don't really mean a lot overall. It's consistency that matters most. And Sanders has enough skills to be consistently effective at running and catching.

In terms of fantasy, keep an eye out for where he goes of course. But this guy is someone worth taking a chance on this season.




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