We wrote about our first group of buy-low, sell-high players here, and guess what? People hated them. They thought we fumbled that list. They wanted to crack a bottle over our heads like Jacoby Jones in a limousine.

Some of their main arguments ran counter to our take on Bengals RB Giovanni Bernard. We decided now is a good time to trade him, their response was  “Giovanni Bernard hasn’t even peaked yet!”

To which we say, ‘true, but he is only getting 10-12 touches per game and while his workload may increase, it will be a gradual process.’

They also spited us for calling Denver’s defense ‘pedestrian.’

To which we say, ‘Denver’s defense is actually good, you’re right, but they are good against the run, however they rank 30th in passing defense.)

Actually only one person said those things, we just wanted to add a few points to try and make our case clearer.

Here are some players who’ve been strong to start the season, but there stock is quickly falling. If you have these guys, look to shop them around.

Trade this guy

Michael Vick QB, Philadelphia Eagles

He looked like the Michael Vick of old these past two weeks, but the famed Chip Kelly offense will only cover up his career-long accuracy problems and lackluster supporting cast so much.

One good thing though, is the Eagles survived a scare a week ago when LeSean McCoy went down with a sprained ankle, but appears to be OK. That’ll save Vick’s fantasy value a little bit since he’ll still have his safety valve to throw to.

Even so, the cracks are starting to show. The Eagles defense can’t stop anybody, meaning Vick will have to throw the ball a lot, which is not his strong suit. His receivers drop the ball too frequently and his turnover problems are starting to resurface due to the stress of running so many plays in Kelly’s scheme. Also, if McCoy’s injury keeps nagging, Vick’s value will take an even bigger hit.

Try and acquire these guys

2. David Wilson RB, New York Giants

We mentioned bummed out Wilson owners earlier, well, this is your chance to take advantage of his low stock. Wilson has been a buy-low candidate for weeks now and we don’t see it coming to an end this week. He’s the most talented running back in a backfield crammed with average ones.

If you still doubt his ability, Wilson scored a 17-yard touchdown that was called back due to a penalty last week against the Panthers. It was also a poor matchup for Wilson, as the Panthers dominant front seven took him down behind the line often.

This guy is dying to put together a 120-yard, two-touchdown performance. He’s got a few tough opponents in the coming weeks with Kansas City and Chicago, but once New York starts hitting their division games in the NFC least, he’s all the more likely to breakout.


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