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Episode 201: Who's the top RB for 2019?

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Keith Allison/Flickr Keith Allison/Flickr Ezekiel Elliott is our No. 1 pick for redraft this season. But you could talk us into Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara or Christian McCaffery.

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On this episode of the Fantasy Football Helpers pod, George and Scott discuss CBD oil, Home Depot Fantasy and Atlanta corporations. Oh, and then they talk about who the number 1 pick should be in fantasy football drafts this season.

They debate it down to 4 guys. Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffery, Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley. All these running backs are excellent, but who's the top guy?

Both Scott and George go with Elliott because of several factors. For one, his offensive line will be very good in Dallas. Two, he doesn't have any running back to steal carries from him. You say 'Ok sure but can't you say the same thing about the other guys?' And the answer to that is 'yes.'

So what makes Elliott better than the other guys? Well it really comes down to touchdown probability. You can't predict touchdowns. They're fluky. But running backs do have a tendency to even out their touchdown totals for the year. That's exactly what might happen with Elliott.

Elliott had only six touchdowns in all of 2018. But he still won the rushing title with over 1,400 yards. Plus, he led the league in carries with 304. You have to figure his touchdown numbers are going to be better this season. Barkley is a worry with touchdowns because the Giants lost some one of their best offensive weapons in Odell Beckham Jr. Plus Eli Manning is way up there in age and rookie Daniel Jones looks like a reach of a pick. The Giants could struggle on offense a lot and that could hurt Barkley's chances.

Kamara is entering his first year as a true bellcow back. He's not going to have Mark Ingram to keep him fresh. But that shouldn't matter too much. Kamara will still produce amazing stats. We just like to play it as safe as possible with our first overall pick. Elliott seems like the safest because he's a proven bellcow back.

Then, they go on to talk about dynasty players. Josh Jacobs is one of their top running backs for dynasty. He steps into a great situation in Oakland. They also talk about other players they wouldn't take as high in dynasty leagues. They mention how every year brings a different crop of amazing players. They talk about the Patriots wide receivers and how rookie N'Keal Harry is already impressing. He could be an instant dynasty stud in 2019.

Overall, when drafting high in redraft leagues, just make sure you take a running back in the best offensive situation possible. Look for a good offensive line, plenty of scoring opportunities and a high volume of carries. If you just do that, you'll be golden. Take your dart throws in the later rounds. Don't overcomplicate things. And have fun.

Keep an eye out for coverage in 2019. We'll have plenty more in store for you as the season nears.

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