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Can the Jags continue the 'Post-Wembley Wave' trend?

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Can the Jags continue the 'Post-Wembley Wave' trend? Photo courtesy of

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Usually traveling to a foreign country to play in a match that has more significance to marketing the sport to a new territory than the importance of the actual game can be challenging for a number of reasons. However, the annual NFL games in London, England have increased year-on-year with the ties between the country and the organization stronger than ever.

When the NFL made the commitment to play a single game at the 90,000 all-seater stadium in London in 2007, it was unsure how long this partnership would last. In its 9th year now, the sport has grown considerably in the country, with the NFL now playing 3 annual games at Wembley to record crowds.

Traveling via plane is part and parcel of a footballers schedule but most would think that a 9-hour trip to London would disrupt even the most successful teams. However, this hasn’t been the case over the 9 years that the NFL has been featured on British soil. A total of 15 out of 22 teams have seen an upswing in their form post-Wembley since 2007.

So what should fantasy football fanatics consider when looking at the teams playing in these fixtures?

The infographic concentrates on the 5 games post-Wembley, which teams have played upon returning the United States. The best example of this are the Dallas Cowboys in 2014. The Cowboys went on to win 4 out 5 of their games and the New England Patriots in 2012 won all 5 of their next games.

Jacksonville Jaguars also saw a significant improvement dating back in 2013. They went into the game against San Francisco 49ers having lost 5 in a row. Afterwards, the Jags went on to win 4 from 5 and with the team only just recently playing at Wembley, fans and analysts are wondering if they can replicate the form of 2013 and see the positive impacts of the ‘Post-Wembley Wave’ once more.

The infographic below, which was published on Bwin after the Dolphins played the Jets at Wembley this season, shows 22 different teams, and their form pre- and post-Wembley from 2007 to the present day.



Infographic published on Bwin News

After a disappointing season last year, where the Jags finished 3rd in the AFC South, the team will    be hoping that they improve after their recent game against Buffalo Bills where they came out  winners, 34-31.

On their return to U.S. soil, the franchise has gone on to win one and lose one. They lost in their first game back to New York Jets 23-28 and beat the Baltimore Ravens 22-20. Now the Jags will hope they can continue to win their upcoming games against Titans and Chargers in the   coming weeks.

After this season’s three NFL games being completed at Wembley, the ‘Post-Wembley Wave’ is somewhat of a hot topic but the reasons for it are still undecided. If you have any ideas as to why you think it occurs so regularly, let us know what you think in our comments section below.

Do you think the Jags can  continue their good form in to  their matches with the Tennessee Titans and San Diego Chargers? Will the ‘Post-Wembley Wave’ impact your selection choices in the coming weeks?




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