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Episode 5: Pesci Weighs In (or tries to)

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Goal of this podcast: With Scott on vacation, I bring in a different guest to talk fantasy football. The problem though, is that he's not all that knowledgeable.


George: What’s happening everybody, since our good friend Scott Sergent is on vacation, I have a very special guest to talk fantasy football today. He’s starred in many films such as ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Easy Money,’ ‘Home Alone 1 & 2,’ and ‘My Cousin Vinny.’ He’s kind of a well-known person. This is Joe Pesci, Joe great to have you on.

Joe Pesci: Hiya pal!

G: Hey, how are you?

Pesci: Good

G: Great, I was really excited when I heard you were coming on the show, are you ready to talk some fantasy football?

Pesci: Maybe we should take a few minutes to ya know, to get acquainted, you know before we get to it.

G: Sure that’s perfectly reasonable, I mean you and I don’t know each other very well. What we do at Fantasy Football Helpers is help people out with their fantasy teams and stress the camaraderie and what makes fantasy football fun. We love the stats too and we’re going to be breaking those down, but we really want people who enjoy playing with each other and what not.

Pesci: Excellent

G: Yeah I think so too, and with a lot of people starting their drafts, I think it’s time for people to start getting excited.

Pesci: A lot of action around here today, huh?

G: Oh so much action Joe, and not just the regular season, we’re going to be doing this until January/February

Pesci: You know I’m trying to put something together real big right now, you know what I’m talkin’ about, you know.

G: Oh I totally get that Joe, I mean everybody wants a team that’s really stacked, is there any player in particular that you’re thinking about drafting this season?

Pesci: JT

G: JT? Who’s that? Justin Tuck? On the Oakland Raiders? You play in a fantasy IDP league that’s pretty cool you know….

Pesci: No, no no no no

G: Oh that’s not who you meant? Ok sorry. Oh I know who you’re talking about, you’re talking about Julius Thomas from the Denver Broncos.

Pesci: Yeah

G: He had a great season last year

Pesci: Yeah

G: I mean he turned out to have a great season, 788 yards, 12 touchdowns

Pesci: Yeah

G: So you’re really high on him this year, is what you’re saying?

Pesci: Yeah

G: Do you think as long as Peyton Manning is under center, Julius Thomas is an elite fantasy tight end

Pesci: Yeah

G: Speaking of elite fantasy tight ends, Rob Gronkowski is coming back this year, do you think he’s finally going to stay healthy?

Pesci: Who the fuck knows

G: I agree with you Joe, it’s tough to figure out who’s going to get injured in any given season. But I mean, Gronkowski shredded his ACL last season during a game against the Denver Broncos.

Pesci: Number 672

G: It sure felt like that was his 672nd injury. You remember the Pats 2011 Super Bowl run when he tweaked his ankle?

Pesci: Number 664

G: I know your exaggerating but you’re right, it sure feels that way. The guy has potential to put up hall of fame numbers. How would you have felt if you suffered that same injury

Pesci: Ow ow ow wahhh, Oh oh

G: Me too man, me too. Alright so you want to get started right now?

Pesci: No, tomorrow egg head now!

G: Right now?

Pesci: Now

G: Ok, I was wondering what you thought of the New Orleans Saints running back core this year. I mean they have Mark Ingram still, Pierre Thomas, and Khiry Robinson, a guy who I think is under the radar. You know the Saints haven’t had a 1,000-yard rusher since Deuce McCalister.

Pesci: The Mr. McCalister who lives here

G: No, Joe

Pesci: Are you Mr. McCalister?

G: No, you got it all wrong Joe, anyway what do you think of Khiry Robinson?

Pesci: May I do the thinking please?

G: Ok Joe, what do you think he’s going to do?

Pesci: No further questions

G: No further questions? Joe I brought you on here to talk fantasy football man

Pesci: You know, I think you got the wrong impression about me?

G: You know maybe I did. I’m gonna go now.

Pesci: Where you goin? Goin on vacation? Goin on a trip? Where you goin kid?

G: I’m going to write a few more articles, hopefully next time you bring the goods

Pesci: I think a momentum of gratitude would not be out of line here

G: Thanks for coming on the show, Joe

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