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Hits and misses: Week 4

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Don't let Aaron Rodgers subpar Week 4 fantasy performance fool you, he's still the most consistent fantasy quarterback this season and will have plenty more big games in the future. Don't let Aaron Rodgers subpar Week 4 fantasy performance fool you, he's still the most consistent fantasy quarterback this season and will have plenty more big games in the future. Elvis Kennedy/Flickr

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As people who consider themselves hard working dudes who attempt to make the best projections possible for daily fantasy football leagues, we feel it's important we take responsibility for our picks and let you know how they came out afterwards.

Our top quarterback for Week 4: Aaron Rodgers

Value: $7,900

Week 4 stats: 22-for-32, 224 yards, 1 touchdown, 3 rushes for 33 yards @ San Francisco 49ers (15 fantasy points)

QB ranking: 15th

What we learned: Sometimes a quarterback's stats are indicative of how well he played. Unfortunately, stats are all that matter in fantasy football, and Rodgers lack of touchdowns left a usual-lights-out Rodgers somewhere in the middle of the QB pack. The Packers didn't need much offense to beat a floundering San Francisco squad, instead using their pass rush to harass QB Colin Kaepernick all day while the offense simply avoided mistakes and coasted to victory. 

Even with the average performance, this shouldn't deter you from starting Rodgers in the future. He still hasn't thrown an interception and is playing at a level few quarterbacks have even sniffed. The Packers head back to Lambeau Field where they'll get the Jekyl-and-Hyde Rams. The Rams defeated a very good Arizona Cardinals team on the road in Week 4. But keep in mind, they came out flat on the road in Week 2 after beating the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1. They're still a young team and will have growing pains. Of course, Gurley III now finally healthy and looking like the real deal could ease that a bit.

Our value running back: Karlos Williams

Value: $3,400

Week 4 stats: 18 rushes for 40 yards, 3 catches for 30 yards, 1 touchdown (13 points) 

RB ranking: 17th

What we learned: While not as fruitful as we hoped given the Bills played what appeared to be an inferior opponent on paper, Williams delivered 4X his value and was a worthwhile flex in daily fantasy leagues. The Bills are looking more inconsistent by the week and Williams' value will nosedive if Tyrod Taylor continues to struggle moving the ball consistently.

But there's still considerable upside to Williams in the future. In light of the recent news with LeSean McCoy, Williams should be considered a staple in every daily fantasy lineup going forward. The Bills travel to play the Tennessee Titans in Week 4, with Tennessee coming off a bye. As long as McCoy is out, Williams is the guy.

Our top wide receiver: Randall Cobb

Value: $7,400

Week 4 stats: 5 receptions, 44 yards (4 fantasy points)

What we learned: Cobb joins a long list of elite wide receivers that turned in average performances (Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Jordan Matthews and Odell Beckham Jr. all scored about the same). In Cobb's case, the game script involved defense and a lot of running against a poor offense in San Francisco. Don't worry though, Cobb and Rodgers are what make Green Bay's offense go. They just weren't needed because San Francisco didn't pose much of a threat. San Francisco's pass rush also managed to cause enough disruption which curbed Rodgers production.

Our other top receiver: Keenan Allen

Value: $7,000

Week 4 stats: 4 receptions, 72 yards, 1 touchdown (13 fantasy points) vs. Cleveland Browns

WR ranking: 12

What we learned: Joe Haden was a surprise scratch from this game, but it probably didn't matter. Philip Rivers was due for a good week and a doormat opponent at home did the trick. Allen (almost quietly) has been one of the top fantasy WRs this season. Unfortunately, Allen was good but not amazing, and 

Our value wide receiver: Phillip Dorsett

Week 4 stats: (2 catches for 7 yards 1 rush for 4 yards, 0 fantasy points) 

What we learned: Andrew Luck being out rendered Dorsett's speed all but useless with backup Matt Hasselback under the gun. Hasselback favored the tight end, tossing 12 targets to Coby Fleener. Dorsett is mainly a deep threat at this stage in his career, and isn't someone you should look at for value unless he's receiving passes from a QB with the arm strength to utilize his skill set.

Our value wide receiver: Leonard Hankerson

Week 4 stats: 6 receptions for 103 yards, 1 touchdown (16 fantasy points)

What we learned: A hot offense trickles down to every player on the team in terms of fantasy value, and Hankerson was one of our crown jewel Week 4 picks. He ranked fourth overall in fantasy points among receivers, giving those who went with him 5X his DFS value. The Falcons finally have the running game they've been trying to find ever since letting Michael Turner go, and it's going to be hard to go against them at this point given how much their offense is thriving. Side note: Devonta Freeman could be in for a tough matchup this week as the Falcons host the visiting Redskins, so it might be time to hop off his bandwagon for now.

Our value tight end: Charles Clay

Week 4 stats: 9 receptions for 111 yards, 0 touchdowns, 13 targets (11 fantasy points)

What we learned: With Rob Gronkowski on a bye this week, tight end was a bit more challenging to pick this week but Clay delivered as one of our best picks. He had a potential long touchdown negated by a chop blocking penalty, which would've put him over the top as the No. 1 tight end for Week 4. Instead, he finishes at No. 4 overall, still very good considering his value was $3,300, giving those who started him 4X that. Getting Sammy Watkins back from injury might eat into his targets a little bit, but Clay will remain a staple in this offense as long as he's healthy.

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