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Episode 2: Down-low on Dynasty Leagues

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Goal of this podcast: To help you understand strategies for ‘dynasty leagues,’ which differ from redraft leagues in that you keep all your players at the end of the season. In addition to keeping your roster, you also have more roster spots to stash away young players while they develop.

Strategy No. 1 ‘The Philadelphia 76ers philosophy’ We coined this strategy in honor of the current strategy being employed by the NBA franchise, which involves hoarding draft picks and building through the draft. You can use this to build your fantasy football dynasty team as well, especially if you don’t like your veterans or you have some guys that are well past their prime. The 76ers hoarded draft picks for the 2014 draft, and got some superstar players in return.

Trading your veteran players away for draft picks works best when you trade with an owner who is either one solid piece away from having a championship team, or with somebody who just lost their best player through injury. Now, if you want to build your team through the draft by trading away your veterans for more draft picks, you must, MUST, remain patient. This is a strategy that pays off more in the long term than anything.

Strategy No. 2 ‘The win now philosophy’ Opposite of the 76ers philosophy, this is a good move to make if you’re only a few players away from a championship. Typically, you’ll have a lot of guys in the prime of their careers (years 3-10) and are putting up their best numbers. It’s best to do this if you’re already in a playoff spot or 1-2 spots away from a playoff spot with some regular season games remaining.

Strategy No. 3 ‘Trading down philosophy’ — This is a great way to add depth to your roster (something we strongly emphasize doing in dynasty leagues). For example, say you have a high first round pick, and somebody in the league really wants a player but knows he is drafting in the later part of the first round and won’t be able to get him. What you can do is offer a trade where you give him your high first round pick, and he gives you two of his picks (maybe his late first rounder or fourth rounder) in return. While he will most likely get a superstar player, you end up with two potential quality players as well which, when combined, could equal or even surpass the value of his superstar player. It’s kind of counter intuitive but you’d be surprised how often it works.

Strategy No. 4 ‘Knowing when to hold and fold’ — Think of a fantasy football dynasty league like a stock market, you want to buy low and sell high. Often times, when a players’ value starts to go up, it can be tempting to trade him away quickly because you know you can get good value in return. This is a strategy used in redraft leagues as well, but it has even bigger implications for dynasty leagues since you’re stuck with the players on your roster at the end of the season.

For example, Colin Kaepernick steps in for an injured Alex Smith and has a big day, gets named the starter for the foreseeable future, and you pluck him off the waiver wire. The problem is, you already have Drew Brees as your starting quarterback. So because you have no value for Kaepernick aside from stashing him on your bench, you trade him away after his first good week, when you should’ve kept him for a while. If you kept him, his value would’ve gone up each week to the point where other owner’s are salivating for him and will trade you basically anything. In short, you bought Kaepernick low and if you traded him after just one week, you probably sold low too. The longer you hold onto a player on the rise like Kaepernick, the bigger the potential payoff when you trade him.

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