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DraftKings Championship Round Recommendations and Value Picks

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Andrew Luck at $8200 offers the highest floor at the QB position this week at New England. Andrew Luck at $8200 offers the highest floor at the QB position this week at New England.

Daily Fantasy leagues have taken the world by storm.  Fantasy sports’ newest revelation allows you to risk very little money to win huge prizes day after day in the sports world….and what’s even better is that somehow this is all legal!  We at fantasy football helpers are excited to be newly affiliated with the best daily fantasy site out there, Draft Kings.  So when we talk about Daily Fantasy we’re talking about Draft Kings!

There is no bigger opportunity to risk little and win BIG then in everyone’s favorite game, Fantasy Football.  This week I am wagering $5 in a contest where first place takes home $25,000!!!  Sure you’ll have to beat about 65,000 other people to win that top prize but hey, somebody is going to win it, and we’re good at this game aren’t we?  So for you daily fantasy players out there I’d like to give you my recommendations on who the must start players are this week along with some value picks. 

If you’re not familiar with Draftkings daily fantasy football, Draftkings assigns each player with a dollar value and allows you a salary cap of $60,000 to create your preferred team. Each team consists of a QB, 2 RBS, 3 WRs, a TE, a flex and a Defense. PPR scoring is used and rewards are given for 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing/receiving.  This week there are only four teams playing so while many people will be grabbing a lot of the same players, it is impossible to build an all-star squad under the salary cap. Therefore, selecting the right stars along with the right sleepers/value picks (i.e. Danny Amendola last week) are vital to winning a top prize.

If you don’t have a Draft Kings account you can click the ad that should be on the right of the page to sign up.  If you, like us here at Fantasy Football Helpers and plan on signing up, please do so this way since this will help us!

Without further ado here are my recommendations for this playoff round:

QB – Recommended Start

·         Andrew Luck at New England ($8200) – We’re making this selection over Tom Brady ($8500), Russell Wilson ($8000), and Aaron Rodgers ($7800). There is only one quarterback here that will need to throw the football regardless of game flow and that is Andrew Luck.  Any of the other three QBs could defer to their RBs to control the game and we would not be surprised.  Aaron Rodgers is the other QB who probably will have to do a good amount of throwing but I’d like to stay away from him since he’s banged up coming into a matchup in Seattle. And if you think Tom Brady is immune to a sub-par performance then just think back to the last Colts game when Jonas Gray ran 40+ times for 200+ yards.  We’d expect Indianapolis to be playing from behind meaning a lot of throwing will be in store for Luck against a defense that allowed 4 TDs just last week to Joe Flacco. Luck struggled against the Patriots earlier in the season but his TE Dwayne Allen was missing in that game.  The Patriots struggle against athletic TEs and against passes in the middle of the field so having a healthy Allen should make a huge impact.  In addition, the Colts had not yet unleashed Daniel Herron who is not only clearly their best RB, but is also a significant factor in the passing game.  Expect Luck to pass for over 300 yards and at least 2 TDs along with more stats via the run.  We’ll need more than that to get our first prize but at only $8200, with that kind of floor I’d say we’re off to a great start. 


QB Value Pick

·         Aaron Rodgers ($7800)– Eddie Lacy is banged up and Green Bay should be coming from behind in the second half.  Aaron Rodgers costing the least just sounds crazy.  He’s a great value despite the matchup at Seattle.  He is my second choice and a selection of Rodgers will allow you to go big at the other positions.   I’d expect about 250 yards 2 TDs and 1 turnover but when you talk about a guy like Rodgers, despite injury, the upside is unlimited.


RB Recommendation:

·         Marshawn Lynch ($7600) – Lynch costs the most at the RB position but it’s a pick you have to make.  Green Bay ranks 23rd in rushing yards against on the season and DeMarco Murray (23 carries 123 yds 1 TD) didn’t have a problem in last week’s game.  In week 1, Lynch rumbled his way to 110 yards and 2 TDs in a 36-16 win over the Packers.  I’d expect a similar gameplan from Seattle with similar results.  Lynch is a must start.


RB Value Pick

·         LeGarrette Blount ($4500) – Guessing the Patriots flavor of the day at RB is always a dangerous game but we’re going for the top prize here so it’s worth the risk.  As I had mentioned earlier, Jonas Gray went for 40 carries over 200 yards and FOUR TDs in the last game against the Colts.  His alarm clock failed to go off, the Patriots signed LeGarrette Blount and Gray has yet to play significant snaps since his breakout game. I expect the Patriots to deploy the same ground attack to keep Andrew Luck off the field with Blount stepping into the Jonas Gray role.  For $4500 you could be getting 100+ and 2 TDs. 

WR Recommendation:

·         Julian Edelman ($7200) – Edelman is the 3rd most expensive WR at $7200 behind Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson.  Edelman however may be the most safe for a 15+ point performance and has huge upside. The Colts ranked 30th in the NFL against short passes which are defined as passes that travel up to 15 yards through the air.  Edelman is amongst the NFL’s best at getting open in the short game.  Vontae Davis should mostly be on Branon LaFell leaving Edelman, Gronk and Amendola to rack up the numbers in the passing game.  Edelman has 23 catches for 303 yards and 2 TDs receiving in the last 3 games and is a PPR juggernaut.  Oh, and maybe he’ll even pass for a TD since he had one of those last week!  I don’t really think that but it just shows you that the Patriots like to call Edelman’s number a whole lot lately.  Ignore the Packers WRs this week and go Edelman for your top WR spot.

WR Value Pick:

·         Donte Moncrief ($3500)– The WR value pick is where the league is won.  Last week it was Danny Amendola.  You will have to select one of these guys and getting this right separates you from the pack. Revis should be on Hilton much of the time and Browner on Wayne/Nicks leaving Moncrief 1 on 1 with either a nickel corner or even a safety.  With the Colts expected to trail much of the game I’d expect the Colts to use Moncrief on more snaps than usual. All it will take is one connection for a score for this selection to be worth the gamble.

TE Recommendation:

Rob Gronkowski ($7800) – You need to select Gronk in order to win this…seriously.  He’s that good and the Colts are THAT bad (ranked 27th) against the TE.  Gronk is on an absolute tear with TDs in 4 straight games and he had 71 yards and a TD in the previous meeting against the Colts.  Enough said.  Pick Gronk.  I’m not even going to list a value TE to make you think about not picking him. 

I hope you all enjoyed   these recommendations and I hope you all join me in playing.  So little to enter and so much to win!  I wish you all a 2nd place finish…b/c I of course would like to finish first. Good Luck.

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