Our mission is to give you valuable fantasy football advice without bogging you down with tons of meaningless stats. Our staff focuses on a few key variables that we think are all you need to understand when it comes to playing fantasy football successfully. The rest is all speculation. We want you to keep it simple so you can focus the rest of your energy on what's important — your life.

George Banko

George founded Fantasy Football Helpers in 2014 after starting it as a blog in 2011. He focuses on the running back position and spent time in 2015 scouting running backs as a student at The Scouting Academy, which was taught by former NFL Scout Dan Hatman.

His understands drafting a quality running back is incredibly important to success in fantasy football. He helps you mitigate risk when drafting a running back by avoiding the common pitfalls like injury susceptibility, lack of catching ability, poor offensive line play, certain coaching schemes that stifle a running back's opportunity for carries and salary cap factors. . He also helps you understand what to look for when it comes to drafting a running back for your fantasy team. He does this through film study to evaluate talent, opportunities in various coaching schemes, injury history research, suspensions, advanced offensive line stats and team salary cap factors.

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Andrew Ferris

Andrew is a co-owner/writer for Fantasy Football Helpers. Andrew started playing fantasy football when he was in 7th grade. Almost 20 years later, he refined his strategies each year and developed success playing in daily, redraft, best ball, and dynasty fantasy football leagues. This year he will focus on pumping out content for each type of league to give those who participate in multiple formats several ways to play. He's also the father of two little girls and husband to a beautiful wife.

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Jaben Marquez

Jaben is a senior staff writer and minority owner of Fantasy Football Helpers. He focuses on the waiver wire and co-hosts the 30 Minute drill podcast. To go along with waiver wire pickups, he also specializes in quarterback and multiple defensive streaming options to help people see the good matchups ahead of time. He was born and raised in southeastern New Mexico.

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Will Pendleton

Will is a writer for Fantasy Football Helpers and brings you his information from across the pond in Liverpool, England. Will specializes in the quarterback position and currently plays quarterback for the University in Manchester. He breaks down the position by analyzing mechanics, evaluating specific traits and helping us see how those traits will translate to value for your fantasy team.

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Darien Evans-Raines

    Darien is a staff writer for Fantasy Football Helpers, specializing in Daily Fantasy Football with an emphasis on ROI (return on investment) players and weekly stacks to help you get to the top of leaderboards each week. The key to most winning lineups is a contrarian stack combined with a low owned value guy mixed in with a few chalky plays. His knowledge of fantasy has led him to not only league championships but to a few podcast appearances, with much more to hear from him in the future. As a suffering Jets fan, Darien has nothing else better to do than to bring you his best in fantasy news.

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Dominick Petrillo

Dominick has been born and raised in the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia.  A lifelong lover of all sports, Dominick supports the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Dominick has been playing fantasy sports since he was in high school in the late 90s and has continued to do so even after becoming blind in 2012.

Dominick mainly focuses on redraft, keeper and daily although he is dipping a toe in the dynasty well this season.  Look for his articles to be very statistics driven and showing the story behind the numbers. Dominick will not be fooled by the tape of a big play and he will show you that you should not be either.

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Scott Sergent

Scott Sergent is a frequent podcast guest and has brought his experience decades of fantasy football experience to Fantasy Football Helpers. He specializes in calming you down when you're contemplating benching a player you shouldn't bench.

Scott Sergent has written football recaps for govols.com, SEC Sportsfan.com and has a novel published titled 'An Invincible Summer.' The book was was #1 for six months straight on the New York Times best selling insomniacs list, and was awarded the 2002 Medical Miracle Medal for curing sleep depravity.

Born in Michigan, he's still a die hard Detroit Lions fan (stop laughing) and usually dies even harder around Week 5 or 6 as the Lions begin their early hibernation from the playoffs.

He resigned as President of the Atlanta Chapter of the Detroit Lions Fan Club the day Wayne Fontes was hired, and got drunk and ran around his neighborhood naked in celebration the day Matt Millen got canned. These days, his wife has to remind him that Fantasy Football is just a game, that is, until the playoffs roll around and she gets a chance to look at the payouts. Then she magically turns into the second coming of Buddy Ryan, and begins throwing punches when he does not pick the correct starters and she sees her potential windfall fly out the window.

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